Deadmau5 2018

Joel Zimmerman has been recording under the name deadmau5 since he discovered a fried rodent in his computer back in 2004. Arguably “The Godfather” of modern EDM music, his trance-synth signature sounds have catapulted him to the top of the dance music scene. The success of deadmau5 can be attributed to his tasty beats, magical knack for self-promotion, and a live stage show which is like no other EDM act on the scene today.

After months of building anticipation through various renderings and videos, in March of 2017 deadmau5 debuted the video paneled platform where he DJs his sets when performing his own solo branded shows
affectionately called Cube 2.1. Deadmau5 then embarked on a nationwide tour where fans got to see the massive Cube 2.1 in action. Due to the incredible weight and size of the Cube a third scaled-down version was designed in order to travel overseas (what Joel has named his “Cubed cube”). Last July deadmau5 revealed the brand new Cube 2.2 setup. The stage is an exact replica with the same pixel and panel configuration but a much higher pixel pitch, a significantly smaller footprint and can be transported easier. And with the unveiling of Cube 2.2 it was decided an even more robust visual spectacle needed to be created.

Melt Creative was contracted to create a completely new visual show to introduce the Cube 2.2 to a global audience. We created a one-of-a-kind time code system that worked with ableton live to deliver seamless visuals at multiple beat arpeggiations.

The advanced pixel mapping of the new Cube 2.2 stage boasts a dynamic 16 automation boxes for each cable with independent graphics and movement. A rich assortment of new projections on the cube created by the Melt team is evidence that deadmau5’s latest project is his most ambitious production to date. The Cube 2.2 stage is arguably the world’s most transformative DJ stand for one of the world’s most easily recognizable and innovative DJs. Melt Creative was happy to be approached to make the Cube 2.2 shows ones to remember. Performances that evolve with the energy of the evening, this amazing platform synchronized not only with the music but with the media.


Artist Visuals, Stage Design and Fabrication, VJ & Show Operation

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