Enchanted Forest 2018

The Enchanted Forest Gathering is a three-day music festival in Northern California featuring movement classes, workshops, daily yoga, and the world’s largest independent performing artists. The event activates personal growth, inspires collective sharing, and redefines conscious celebration. For 2018 the focus was to create a unique visual and lighting presentation for their stage shows. The concept was to build a one-of-a-kind approach which leveraged the latest technologies to create a harmonious dance between the visual and lighting elements.

The Melt Creative team was contracted to design and implement an unforgettable visual spectacular, one which any of the various production resources running the stages could duplicate easily without needing up-skilling on new technologies or software platforms. Our design solution directly reduce the need for additional production team members, the Video Tech being able to control both the visual and lighting elements. Using custom programming scripts, the Melt team was able to leverage computer networking and video capture technology to harmonize the LED walls and the LED strips layered into the stage facade with the full lighting package to react directly with the music being played by the VJs.

EFG was able to integrate their lighting and video elements for the live performances in a way that went far beyond what one’s eyes can see, taking festival goers on a journey through perception itself. The resulting visuals immersed the event attendees in a synched sensory environment – a definitively unique approach linking up what is seen and what is felt by an audience. With direct collaboration between video and lighting, a single Tech resource is able to take any artist’s video content and map it to all LED fixtures in the lighting rig. This allows for instant color matching of lighting with endless possibilities for the perfect cue. The feeling of a time coded show without the time and expense, eliminating the expense and need for multiple production Techs.


Artist Visuals, Event Design, Festival Visuals, VJ & Show Operation

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