Life In Color “Kingdom” 2016

Life in Color, formerly knows as DayGlow, has utilized Melt Creative’s visual design services since its first tour in 2011. Every year we create a different aesthetic and visual theme for them. Past stages include the 3D-Mapped Paint Factory Tour Stage, the Downtown Miami Stage, Unleash Orb Stage, or Blu Visual Goo.

For Life In Color’s 2016 festival and worldwide “Kingdom” tour, we delivered creative services that enhanced their massive 60 Foot Lions head with immersive motion graphics and custom mapped animations. Complete with an animated lower jaw and audience-engaging eyes, our team made the lion come to life using 3D perspective motion, plexus/ low poly effects, and bold branded/ themed patterns. The tour stage is currently traveling all over the world and can be seen when life in Color comes through your region.

Client: SFX
Photos: Life in Color, Melt Creative


Festival Visuals, Stage Design and Fabrication, VJ & Show Operation

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